Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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First off I have to say these are two very different types of holiday options. I suppose I just wanted to let people know the difference between the experiences they will have at a 'hotel Trujillo Honduras' and 'All-inclusive Cancun'. The reason for this is that many people just go for the better marketed option (which is definitely Cancun!) and end up disappointed because it really was not what they wanted. So I wanted to run through the main benefits / drawbacks of both to help people match their vacation expectations with the right kind of break.

So... what is great about staying in Cancun?



Whether you are going to head to the Zona Hotelera or for the more out of the way Playa Del Carmen area, Cancun hotels all offer one constant thing. They are all set up to make your life as easy as possible. Everywhere you go you will have restaurants, supermarkets and souvenir shops to add to your holiday experience.

If you are a spring breaker on a budget the Zona Hotelera is a stone throw away from as many bars and clubs as you could want! If you are a family looking for a slightly quieter break, head up to the Playa Del Carmen area. You have much less crowded beaches and most hotels have enough to keep the kids amused within the hotel, in addition to organizing excursions.

This sounds great so far... so, what is can Trujillo Honduras offer you?

The best thing about Trujillo, Honduras is that you do not have to battle with the crowds. It actually has unspoiled, undeveloped beaches... so no building works destroying your horizon at sunset! The other thing is that although tourists are catered for in Honduras, they are not the main source of income for local people. This means that you get to interact in a really genuine way with people living their daily lives. It gives a much better idea of local culture. This is especially true for the local Garifuna people. Many have very high levels of English and love to talk about their cultural heritage!

The hotels in Trujillo can offer accommodation for each type of traveler, but you will not find the golf course, or the water-park option here. In fact, most hotels in Trujillo operate on quite an informal basis, although you can still find great customer service.

'Hotel Trujillo Honduras' or 'All Inclusive Cancun', which are you? If you value privacy and secluded unspoiled beaches I advise you to head for Trujillo. If, on the other hand you want a more scheduled break with your options pre-decided I would stick with Cancun. Either way, make sure your vacation is a great one!

Mario Stevens is a world traveller and travel writer. He has been in love with Central America and the Caribbean since he first visited 15 years ago. During his travels Mario often found some of the best places to visit and stay being overlooked and uses his travel articles to right this wrong! Use Mario's travelling advice to help you plan your perfect getaway.

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