Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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The Canary Island of Gran Canaria's hotels are a traditional mixture of small family run establishments and modern hotels, with most in the 3 and 4 star category.

But now there is one hotel in Gran Canaria that has been rated the third best in the world by people who have stayed there - and according to them it's the best in Europe.

Independent hotel reviews are a great way for people to see what others think, and when there are a good number a feel of what a hotel is really like can be gauged before making any booking.

And it can help hotels who fall below the standards expected of today's holidaymaker if they read the reviews to see what their guests think, to rectify matters and improve future comments and rankings to ensure they are as well thought of as their competitors.

The hotel gained this review from the company who did the survey:

The Grand Hotel Residencia is located in Maspalomas, the palm-rich resort on the south side of the island Gran Canaria. The luxury hotel with a Spanish colonial style design is situated in a breathtaking landscape: under the hot desert winds of Africa a single dune is formed, which resembles the Sahara - a unique beach experience.

The hotel's recognition by tourists and subsequent publicity is good news for holidays in Gran Canaria during the recession, and importantly publicises to potential visitors that the island can provide first class accommodation as well as the good weather.

Apart from relaxing on the beach and enjoy the hotel facilities, what else is there for people to do on their holidays in Gran Canaria should they want to do something a little adventurous or sporting?

The beaches are noted for their white sand and crystal clear waters, great for swimming. Especially notable is the massive Maspalomas beach with its sand dunes and the marvellous hidden beach of Guigui. Las Canteras beach is located in the capital of Las Palmas and tends to be much livelier, though still family friendly.

For the sports minded holidaymaker, many of the hotels offer a variety of sports activities conducive to the climate and weather in Gran Canaria - including golf, tennis, paddling, sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

If you fancy a round or two of golf, the courses are open year round. Gran Canaria's golfing legacy goes back over a century to 1891 when her first golf course was opened. It was built in what is now the central zone of the capital city of Las Palmas. In 1957 the course was relocated to Bandama, but still retains the name of Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas. Gran Canaria really is a pioneer when it comes to golf and can claim to have introduced the sport to Spain. Today there are numerous golf courses and endless sunny days to enjoy them.

But if you just want to stay at your Gran Canaria hotel and enjoy the facilities, you can be sure that at least one of them can't be bettered in Europe!

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