Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Encinitas is located in North San Diego County, the southernmost county in the Western United States. With six miles of rugged coastline and 21.5 square miles of land, Encinitas enjoys ocean views and a great surfing culture from San Elijo Lagoon on the southern end of this surfer's paradise to Batiquitos Lagoon to the north.
Did someone say surfing? That would aptly explain the best feature of this city's charm. Surfing looms large in a town with beautifully carved wood signs announcing the names of famous surfing beaches such as Grandview, Leucadia, D Street and Moonlight Beach. It's as if each beach has its own personality, its own community and family of surfers who clearly own this spot of the coast with their passion as stewards for the beach, on the daily battle ground of surfing those wave sets that roll in from Hawaii to the west. One another part is Encinitas Hotel which is also for great for their various features as like Bed and Breakfast.


For tourists, surfing and beaches are one main attraction in this laid back beach town with a long and respected history of great surfing and skilled surfers. In addition to those in the water, the surf culture is an attraction for the 'old guys who rule' as they drive along Coast Highway in their classic cars, bringing their woods, or woodies to Moonlight Beach for an annual woody meet.

You can enjoy this by looking from Encinitas hotel. Sometimes it can be cool and foggy, but most days of the year, expect sunshine and a happy face as you arrive in Encinitas. We recommend your first be the beach when you get to the city on Coast Highway, or exit Interstate 5, also known as San Diego Freeway, where the road signs say Encinitas.

If you come in from the throughway, you can always make your first stop the Quail Botanical Gardens. An urban oasis of shrubs, trees, and native plants, who could believe that just off that ribbon of highway you'd find this secluded, cool forest of green? Worth a good hour or two of wandering, not only does this garden attraction offer tours and special lectures and events. Permission fee to the garden is reasonable, and we believe it is worth the price. We've visited the place twice. You can buy tickets on our site for your visit, or as a gift, if you like. It is not far away from Encinitas hotel.

If you want waves, Swami's the place. It is located at the southern end of Encinitas and offers world-class surfing. If you want to take off your clothes and soak up rays, The Boneyard at 4th and D Streets is a spot where you can do that. .. Activities for visitors include shopping, eating, sunbathing, swimming, surfing, museums and galleries, meditation and enlightenment and flower power.

Once recognized as 'the flower capital of the world,' and spot where the renowned Ecke poinsettia was introduced in 1923, drop by one of the commercial nurseries open to the public and purchase a traditional poinsettia or be the first on your block with one of the new release plants. (Poinsettias grow rapidly in southern California and the innocent holiday bouquet planted in a yard can take off unexpectedly and become a tree.) Speaking of trees, Quail Botanical Garden claims it has the largest bamboo collection in the US. It is considered one of the best gardens in San Diego County and well worth a small admission fee charged.

There's no place like home...or is there? If you're visiting Encinitas for business or pleasure, look Encinitas hotel for the best rooms. Near the beach or near your meeting venue, we have the place that's just right for you, and once you find the right hotel, you can book your reservation online and save. You’ll able to enjoy the Encinitas Bed Breakfast.

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