Tuesday, March 29, 2011

kumpulan artis lagi di hotel

Pelion is a peninsular region in central Greece. It is home to enchanting landscapes and gorgeous beaches. In the recent years, a Pelion hotel has become quite noticeable as a favourable tourist destination. Its surroundings combine gigantic mountains and the vast expanse of the blue sea amidst the Greek countryside. Such scenic beauty has attracted tourists to such an extent that they tend to revisit the region. As a Pelion hotel in this region remains open all seasons, this allows guests to experience the charming natural facets of Pelion at any time of the year.
This region has around 70 villages. Some are located on the slopes of the imposing mountains whereas others are found along the coastline, close to the fabulous beaches. In the mountainous villages, a Pelion hotel strives to render to their guests impressive outdoor views of the mountains, valleys and the exotic wild life in them. The rustic looking interior decoration of the Pelion hotel is done in keeping with the traditional environment found in these villages. Polished wooden floors, ample amount of nice wooden furniture, striking folk artworks and traditional paintings on the walls of the rooms create a nice ambience.

However, the village of Agriolefkes is favourite with tourists especially in the winter months. The Mount Pelion Ski Centre is close to this village and vacationers come with family members to ski in the snow covered mountains. A Pelion hotel here provides various safety gear and skiing equipment to tourists. Here any Pelion hotel resembles log cabins, but the interiors are decorated quite intricately conforming to the modern taste of the people. Traditional interiors dominate such a Pelion hotel. The guests are given large spacious rooms in a Pelion hotel and enjoy their whole stay. They are provided with heating systems and adequate warm water. Wooden walls help to keep out the cold weather. Large fireplaces in the living and bedroom areas can be noticed as well.

Pelion receives large crowds in summer season in the coastal areas. A Pelion hotel there can be located either on the beach or at a little distance from the beach. In such a Pelion hotel, all rooms are sea facing. The enormous outside view of the sea and the beach area makes it perfect for the guests. The interiors of a beach Pelion hotel are usually designed in a traditional style but there is also a cosmopolitan feel to it. The Pelion hotel also offers a lot of exciting facilities ranging from various water sports to cruising yachts along the coastline so that guests can thoroughly enjoy their summer vacation here.

Pelion has a lot of interesting outdoor activities other than scenic splendour. Each and every Pelion hotel in the region provides wonderful excursion packages to their guests. A Pelion hotel usually informs about these packages in their hotel brochures. This region has plenty of historical places, like ancient churches, mansions, ruins, museums that create an enigmatic aura around this place. The guests are taken to visit these places so that they can explore this astonishing region. Several luxury buses and family cars are provided to guests for the group and private tours around the area. Tour guides are also provided by a Pelion hotel sometimes to accompany the guests who are new to the region. Pelion presents each and every visitor an exquisite chance to have great vacations.

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