Tuesday, March 29, 2011

artis panggilan

There are plenty of ice-based holidays available in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Canada, but the last twenty years have seen a trade emerge in something similar, yet different. Ice hotels, igloos and glass igloos have become some of the hottest tourist destinations of recent years. In our review of these, we'll start with the latest addition to the team: glass igloos.
Made from an incredibly insulating glass, these igloo-like buildings are located in Finland's Hotel Kakslautanen. By stopping ice from spreading across and blocking the view, and keeping the snow away too, the glass structures allow you an incredible view of the night sky, which in Finnish Lapland is spectacular. Star-filled, and boasting the Aurora Borealis, the heavens really do offer a spectacular view in this part of the world.

The biggest advantage of these igloos is that they don't just offer you the night sky; they offer it to you in a cosy little home, complete with bed and toilet, so that you can keep warm and avoid most of the insulating kit you'd need if you were watching from outside. There's also the chance of getting caught in a snow storm, watching a sheet of white be blown around you whilst you're safe and snug within.

The ice-based igloos are exactly that: Igloos made of snow and ice. They are also available to rent for a night, and no doubt provide a chilly stay. You're provided with the basic equipment needed to stay warm, but taking along some extras is probably a good idea.

Ice hotels, then. The first ice hotel, ICEHOTEL in JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden, is, as of the time of writing, just having work start on its 20th iteration. Every ice hotel goes through this process of rebuilding each year as, being literally made of ice, they have a habit of melting during the summer months. Every year, ICEHOTEL is rebuilt to new artist's specifications, and so each year it is unique and different.

Ice hotels in other parts of the world do this as well, and most of them incorporate a restaurant and bar into their design somewhere. Many of them play host to vast arrays of ice sculptures, which are either built in to their design or stood around in the hallways and corridors.

Again, most ice hotels have similar methods of keeping their guests warm. The standard inside temperature is between -2 and -5 degrees Celsius, compared to the minus 20 to 30 outside, so thermal sleeping bags at night, as well as a layer of reindeer hides on each bed (themselves carved from ice), are important.

It is also common to find a combination of a sauna and ice dunk pool, which visitors are encouraged to make use of in the morning after a drink of hot berry juice (many places provide this, though often only for the suite rooms).

Ice hotels, igloos and glass igloos, then, may tickle your fancy. They are expensive to stay at, but really are a magical experience.

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