Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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It's an instant fast moving world with computers everywhere it is quite possible to learn a lot about a vacation area even before setting foot there.

Watching videos or visiting an exhibition or display about a country or place as a vacation spot is useful too. But it is important to remember that these are just selling a holiday and will highlight only the destination's plus points.

Many tourist boards and organisations attend annual travel and tourism shows worldwide to showcase their countries. Apart from having brochures and flyers, many stalls have videos and live presentations. Visitors also have the opportunity to talk to representatives of the country. This allows them to get some of their questions answered face to face.

Many top holiday destinations use these exhibitions to sell their locations to possible visitors, and many countries realise the importance of having booths and stalls at travel shows.

Some major travel shows that provide a piece of the travel destination for visitors to sample are:

The Times Destination Travel Show in London Earls Court

International Travel & Tourism Mart

World Travel Market

Indian Travel & Tourism Mart

Maldives Hotel & Trade Exhibition

ITB Berlin

Many display areas include:

Exhibition stands with foods which allow visitors to the exhibition to see and even taste cuisine of the country or region

Arts and crafts that are sometimes sold or given away as tokens

The music of the country playing in the background

Displays of cultural dances

It is important to be aware that only the very best features of countries represented at these exhibitions will be on show. Despite this, the images and items shown usually accurately reflect the offerings of the regions or countries.

Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands, is a premier holiday destination. Like other tourism organizations in the world, Gran Canaria's tourism board displays the island's many amazing features at travel shows. One such event was The Times Destination Travel Show in London Earls Court in March earlier this year.

The beautiful island is known for its beaches and great sightseeing opportunities. Gran Canaria is often referred to as the Miniature Continent. It earned this name because of her diverse climate and environment. Few places in the world have the variety of natural habitats and climatic range of the island and some botanical bloggers even have an rss feed for their latest information and news.

Nature lovers will want to visit Gran Canaria's Cueva Pintada or Painted Caves.

This well known archaeological park situated in Galdar contains many geometric paintings. They are believed to have been created by the now extinct Guanche, the first inhabitants of the Canary Islands. To preserve the caves and its contents visitors can only look inside through a protective glass. This does little to distract from the novelty of the experience.

Unlike many vacation spots worldwide, gay tourists can feel at home in Gran Canaria. The Playa del Ingles region has a number of businesses, clubs and restaurants that cater to same sex couples. This makes the country popular with tourists.

An added attraction in Gran Canaria last year was the International Cheese Festival. The event ran from September 30 to October 4. The Canary Islands entered over 60 different types of cheeses in the competition, and have tried to repeat Tenerife's success a couple of years ago when they won the top prize.

Attending a travel and tourism expo or display is a great way to get a feel of various travel destinations. They provide a great opportunity to ask questions of natives of a place you would like to visit. Taking the entire family to one can help to narrow down your options for your next family trip, whether it be for this year or 2011.

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